About UnifiedDivorce.org

Family Law is finally entering a resolution revolution.
One Family. One Lawyer. One Resolution.
Decide to divorce well.

Our Mission and Vision

UnifiedDivorce.org and the attorneys who practice it are committed to providing their communities and their clients a more financially safe, emotionally secure, and forward thinking approach to divorce

Rather than divorce being about breaking apart lives, it can be about building a future that works for everyone.


What We Believe

  • Communication is the source of all solutions.
  • “Family Business” should remain off the record and private.
  • Getting out of marriage together, instead of legally fighting your way out, focused only on self-interests, provides solid and secure benefits for everyone.
  • Stupidity costs you money. Very few issues are worth paying lawyers to fight on your behalf.
  • One should leave a marriage restructured – not broken.
  • You cannot move forward, focused on what is already behind you.
  • Every decision is based in fear or love – we should choose love – love of self, the family you’ve created, and the person you once promised “in good times and bad.”


How Unified Divorce Was Created

Teddi Ann Barry, Esq. created Unified Divorce in 2013. The Unified Divorce movement and the specific processes originated from her 16+ years of experience as family law attorney in Colorado and her personal divorce experience.

During her divorce, Teddi Ann worked with her husband to explain the legal process, discuss the rights of their young children, and determine how marital assets would be valued. Instead of focusing on tearing things apart and winning every legal position, she focused on legally educating and working with the father of their young children to create a healthy future for everyone involved.

By using one attorney – her – and working together, they saved money, fought less, and got all the required legal disclosures and pleadings completed within the 91 days the State of Colorado permits for a divorce to be final.

With 2 small children and significant complicated financial assets, and possibly international parenting issues, if the wrong attorneys were involved, her divorce could have easily turned into a litigious nightmare, lasting well over a year and costing many tens of thousands of dollars.

This difficult, but positive process was the genesis of Unified Divorce.

Besides her personal divorce experience, Teddi Ann has represented many clients in just about every marital situation imaginable. Besides offering traditional legal representation, she’s a trained mediator and was certified to practice collaborative law. While those approaches have their place, she felt there was something more to offer.

Teddi Ann was bothered seeing people being unnecessarily nasty to each other, spending more time and money than needed, and destroying their lives when, with the right approach and guidance, they could focus on creating a healthy resolution.

With a strong mission and purpose to revolutionize the way couples divorce, she spent years researching and designing a process, where both clients feel safe and understand the entire family is represented throughout the divorce, while considering and respecting the needs of each individual.

If you’re looking for a certified practitioner of Unified Divorce in your area, contact us now.

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