Unified Divorce Overview

A High-Level Overview of the Divorce Process

Divorce is the legal process used to end a marriage or union recognized by the state in which a couple resides or owns property.

While divorce laws and processes vary from state to state, the basic process includes these steps.

  1. Filing legal documents with the proper court to initiate the divorce.
  2. Disclosing financial information to the other party.
  3. Negotiating with each other to create a settlement agreement or having a court determine how assets, debts, and parental responsibility should be divided.
  4. Filing final documents with the court.
  5. Court approval of the settlement agreement.

There are several ways to go through the divorce process, including pro se (on your own), mediation, collaborative law divorce, traditional litigated divorce, and Unified Divorce.

Each approach creates a different experience and different outcomes. Choose wisely.

To help you make the right choice for your situation, review the pros and cons of the five ways to get divorced.